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Bianchi Veneto
Bianchi Veneto


€ 21

(Garganega 85%, trebbiano di soave 15%, alc. 12%)

Veneto white wines are among the labels that Il Ragno d’Oro has selected to offer the possibility of having wide choice for its customers.

Our winery is a source of pride: from Italy and the World we have identified the best wine products.

Abruzzo white wines and Friuli white wines are Italian excellences.

Labels from these regions are among the wine offerings we can boast.

The wine list is constantly evolving: we introduce new labels all the time and are always looking for particular wineries to include in our offerings.

In Giovinazzo, by the sea and with the slow pace typical of our Puglia, you can find the best Veneto white wines selected for you!

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