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Bianchi Apulia
Bianchi Apulia


⚪️ “ Mezzogiorno Bianco “ Morella
€ 22

( 100% fiano , 13.5% vol )

⚪️ Fiano Minutolo Kimia ‘ Tenute Chiaromonte ‘
€ 22

( 100% Minutolo , 12.5% vol )

€ 22

(Verdeca 100%, alc. 12,5%)

At Ragno d’Oro you can find a wide selection of white wines, including Puglia white wines.

Certainly known for the excellence of Puglia red wines and Puglia rosé wines, the region also offers us many excellent white wine labels.

Our selection of labels makes it possible to have the perfect goblet for every palate and every occasion.

From Italy and around the world we put the best labels on the list, have you ever tasted Veneto white wines or Alto Adige white wines?

Choose your favorite from our selection of Puglia white wines.