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Bianchi Australia
Bianchi Australia


€ 22

(Chardonnay 100%, alc. 13%)

Australia ‘s white wines are a pearl born in a very few years.

The first vines, in fact, arrived in Australia are in the early 1800s, and within a few years the vines spread, particularly in the southern area.

White wines are not the only Australian wine production: red wines Australia and bubbles Australia are world-appreciated and recognized productions.

White wines from France and white wines from Germany are two more of the world’s outstanding wines featured at the Golden Spider Café and Bistro.

We represent excellence in Giovinazzo in terms of variety of labels and ability to guide everyone in choosing the wine best suited to their palate.

Discover all the white wines from our cellar.

The Golden Spider, with expertise and a deep passion for food and wine, has structured a true journey that starts from the kitchen, goes through red wine, white wine and bubbly labels, and ends with an exceptional drink list.

Drinking well and eating well are one of our life philosophies.

We start from here to make dishes and cocktails, making listening and expertise our greatest asset.

This is the only way we can propose and advise every patron of the Antico Ragno d’Oro in Giovinazzo in their choice.