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Rossi Lazio
Rossi Lazio

Latium Red Wines

The Golden Spider, Lazio's selection of red wines

Una al giorno - Fra i Monti
€ 24

(Merlot 100%, Bio, alc. 13,5%)

Rivoluzione Cabernicana IGT - Fra i monti
€ 24

(Cabernet Sauvignon 100%, Bio, alc. 13,4%)

Montiano - Famiglia Cotarella
€ 70

(Merlot 100%, alc. 15%)

The Golden Spider offers a wide selection of red wines, selected with care and passion.

From Latium, a region with a thousand-year-old winemaking tradition, many different wines are produced and marketed.

A really high standard of wine production has not yet been achieved, despite the favorable climate and large expanse of hills that make this region particularly suitable for wine production.

Some notable wines, however, are beginning to make their way into the Italian and world wine scene, and we have selected them for you.

Choose from our selection of Lazio red wines.

Wine lovers will love traveling between the regions of Italy and the world through glasses of red and white wines carefully selected by our expert winemakers.

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To choose the best pairing with our menu, let the staff at Il Ragno d’Oro guide you, they will know how to recommend the perfect wine that best suits your taste!