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Rosati Abruzzo
Rosati Abruzzo


€ 26

(Montepulciano 100%, alc. 13%)

Abruzzo rosé wines are made almost exclusively from red grapes.

This is a historic winemaking tradition that is processed using two main winemaking techniques: by pressing with subsequent separation of the skins or by contact with the must.

Depending on the maceration time, a more intensely or less intensely colored rosé is obtained.

Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo is one of the rosés of excellence that this region produces.

Abruzzo rosés are wines with a versatile character, ideal for different pairings, able to enhance both meat and fish dishes, delicately accompanying and enhancing each dish.

Rosés of equal value are those produced in Sicily and the Tuscan rosés.

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