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Rosé Alto Adige
Rosé Alto Adige

alto adige

🔴 Pinot Nero Rosè - Falkenstein
€ 25

(Pinot nero 100%, alc. 13%)

🔴 vigneti delle dolomiti -­ ELENA WALCH
€ 24

(Legrein, Merlot, Pinot Nero, alc. 13%)

At Ragno d’Oro there is a wide selection of the best rosé wine labels from Italy and around the world; a particular excellence are the Alto Adige rosés.

Different terroirs allow for rosé wines with different notes in this region.

The vineyards of Trentino Alto Adige produce grape varieties of the highest quality, which are then processed using winemaking techniques that return unique, high-quality results.

Il Ragno d’Oro intends to constantly expand its proposed Wine List, continuing to select particular labels and unfailing wineries to offer a wide choice to wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Also of particular note are the Puglia rosé and Abruzzo rosé wines.

We represent an excellence of food and wine in Giovinazzo.

Come and discover our entire Wine List.