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Red South Africa
Red South Africa

South African Red Wines

The Golden Spider, South Africa's selection of red wines

PINOTAGE PAARL 2020 - Rhebokskloof
€ 28

(Pinotage 100%, alc. 14%)

€ 28

(97,5% shiraz, 2,5% Viognier, 14% vol)

€ 70

( 100% shiraz , 14,5% vol )

Somerbosch Shiraz - Somerbosch
€ 22

(Syrah 100%, alc. 14%)

Somerbosch Cabernet Sauvignon - Somerbosch
€ 22

(Cabernet Sauvignon 100%, alc. 13,5%)

rupert & rothschild "classique"
€ 36

(Merlot 51%, Cabernet Sauvignon 34%, Cabernet Franc 9% e Petit Verdot 6%, alc. 13,5%)

Merlot & Cabernet ‘ Stellenbosch’
€ 32

(55% Merlot , 41% Cabernet FRANC , 14% vol)

South African red wines are one of the most unique selections we have at the Golden Spider in Giovinazzo!

South Africa gives an incredible selection of fine red wines that are distinguished by period of maturation and wine storage.

But how to recognize them?

The quality system for wine produced in South Africa is based on appellations, which are protective seals that give information about the level of quality, the region where the vines were grown, the grape variety and the vintage.

They also introduced in the second half of the 1900s the WO (Wine of Origin) system, which allows quality red wines to be recognized even by the designation “Estate Wine.”

At the Golden Spider you can find a selection of excellent labels such as Somerbosch or Stellenbosch.

We can recommend the best food pairings for your favorite glass or bottle of red wine, and we will serve the wine at the ideal temperature to appreciate all its notes and body. 

Ideal tasting temperatures for red wines vary according to the characteristic of the red wine: young, light red wines from South Africa should be served from 14 to 16 degrees Celsius; strong red wines are best enjoyed at a temperature of 18 degreesCelsius; medium-bodied red berry wines develop their aroma at 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. 

Discover the world of red wines with the selection of labels we have made for our venue!

Other particular labels from around the world that we recommend you check out are the red wines from Argentina e Australia red wines .