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Rossi Lombardy
Rossi Lombardy

Lombardy Red Wines

The Golden Spider, the selection of red wines of Lombardy

Rosso di Valtellina DOC “029” - Plozza
€ 25

(Nebbiolo 100%, alc. 13%)

Grumello Riserva Valtellina Superiore DOCG “Red Edition“ - Plozza
€ 35

(Nebbiolo 100%, alc. 14%)

valtellina superiore sassella DOCG - "aldo rainoldi"
€ 23

(Nebbiolo 100%, alc. 13,5%)

pinot nero costa del nero DOC Oltrepò Pavese - conte vistarino
€ 20

(Pinot nero 100%, alc. 13%)

Curtefranca Rosso DOC Corte del Lupo - Cà del Bosco
€ 35

(Merlot, Cabernet Franc., Cab. Sauvignon, alc. 13,5%)

Cabernet sauvignon terre dei colleoni DOC Terre Colleoni - vite natural durante
€ 20

(Cabernet sauvignon 100%, alc. 14%)

Rosso di Valtellina - Ar.pe.pe
€ 35

( 100% nebbiolo ,13% vol )

Inferno Fiamme Antiche Nebbiolo Superiore - Ar.Pe.Pe
€ 45

( 100% nebbiolo , 13.5% vol )

The Golden Spider offers a wide selection of red wines, including fine Lombardy reds.

Although Lombardy is a predominantly industrial region of Italy,

present agriculture is distinguished by excellence in viticulture.

The production of
Piedmont red wines
is renowned and has many vines in common with Lombardy red wines as well.

Pinot and Cabernet are two of the Lombardy red wines chosen by The Golden Spider in its selection of outstanding labels.

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