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Garibaldi Coffee
Garibaldi Coffee


A piece of history

In 1860, as the nation was in turmoil over an Italy moving toward unification, Ragno d’Oro Caffè since 1856, which at the time was called Caffè Martinelli, was about to experience an event that would change its history.

A group of strong-footed men entered the bar, generating great astonishment. They were the Garibaldini, proud fighters for the Unification of Italy.
Leonardo Martinelli, the club’s historic first owner, seeing them fatigued, offered them food and drink.

The Garibaldians, grateful for the hospitality they received, decided to leave bags full of peanuts as a gift to the bar as a token of their appreciation, hoping that the small gesture would bring good luck to the bar.

Never was a truer wish!

If today the Golden Spider Café since 1856 has been a landmark for Giovinazzo, and beyond, in large part it owes to that day as well.
That is why we wanted to dedicate our café to the man who succeeded, through heroic deeds, in laying the foundation for the future Unification of Italy.

When you walk into Ragno d’Oro Caffè since 1856 and taste Garibaldi Coffee, try closing your eyes;

Within the walls of the venue that ooze history, as if on a time travel, you will feel like you are there, being able to almost touch with your hand that enthusiasm and joy that all of Giovinazzo felt, reunited together with the Garibaldians. The moment when history was written and which, now, you are part of.