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Puglia bubbles
Puglia bubbles

Puglia bubbles

Il Ragno d'Oro's selection of Puglia bubblies

๐ŸŸก Metodo classico rosรจ dosaggio zero 'simona natale'
โ‚ฌ 55

(100% Negroamaro, alc. 12,5%)

Puglia is a region known primarily for producing excellent white and red wines, but there is no shortage of outstanding sparkling wines from this region of Italy as well.

The Golden Spider offers a wide selection of wines reds, white wines and Puglia bubbles, selected from the best labels from our wineries.

We want to offer each customer the opportunity to choose the product that best suits their palate, advising and supporting them in choosing the perfect bottle of bubbly to spend a pleasant evening in

Excellent bubbles are produced in Italy, very well known for example, the bubbles of Piedmont and the bubbles of Ferrari.