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Piedmont Bubbles
Piedmont Bubbles

Piedmont Bubbles

The Golden Spider, a selection of the best Italian bubbles: bubbles Piedmont

🟡 Metodo Classico Brut Luigi Coppo
€ 40

(Pinot nero 100%, alc. 12%)

🟡 Metodo Classico Rosé Brut Clelia Coppo
€ 45

(Chardonnay 95%, Pinot nero 5%, alc. 13%)

🟡 Alta Langa Extra Brut Rizerva coppo
€ 50

(80% Pinot nero , 20 % Chardonnay, alc. 12.5%)

🟡 Metodo Classico Brut Piero Coppo Riserva del Fondatore
€ 110

(Pinot nero 60%, Chardonnay 40%, alc. 13%)

🟡 Alta langa docg Blanc de Noir - Mirafiore
€ 38

( 100% Pinot nero , 12.5 % vol )

Piedmont is a region of rich and award-winning wine production, from red wines to bubbles. Sparkling wines and bubbles from Piedmont are a renowned Italian excellence that has made history in our country.

In Piedmont, bubbly production follows two methods: the Charmat Method and the Metodo Classico, which differ in fermentation stages.

Among the most renowned bubbles in Piedmont we see Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
The Golden Spider has chosen to have a selection of excellent “classic method” wines on the menu. Discover our selection of Piedmont bubblies.

Alto Adige bubbles and Puglia bubbles are other Italian excellences that we have included in our wine list, certain that we can fully satisfy everyone only with a careful selection of the best wineries in Italy and the World.

In Giovinazzo, we represent a reference point for all wine and food enthusiasts!