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Piedmont Whites
Piedmont Whites


⚪️ Pinner ‘ Cavallotto’
€ 36

( 100% Pinot nero vinificato in bianco, 13.5% vol )

⚪️ Roero Arneis DOCG - Vietti
€ 22

(Arneis 100%, alc. 13%)

⚪️ Langhe Bianco Perbacco - Vietti
€ 24

(Chardonnay, Arneis, Favorita, Nascetta, alc. 13,5%)

The Golden Spider offers a wide selection of white wines. Each label has been carefully selected by expert winemakers for us.

We want to offer each customer the opportunity to choose the product that best suits their palate, advising and supporting them in choosing the perfect bottle of white wine or glass of white wine to spend a pleasant evening in Giovinazzo!

Excellent white wines are produced in Italy, including Campania white wines and Sicily white wines.

From Piedmont, we specifically chose a selection of the very famous Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Choose from our selection of Piedmont white wines.