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A bit of history
A bit of history

Golden Spider Coffee

Since 1856, in Giovinazzo


The Golden Spider is not only a symbol for the city of Giovinazzo, but the story of a piece of history made up of brave and passionate men and a country in rebirth.

There is still no Italy as we know it, but there is a desire to create a place that is not just a café, but a reference and meeting point for everyone.

It was 1856 when Leonardo Martinelli, in a festive atmosphere, opened the old Caffè Martinelli from which a few years later, in 1860, the Garibaldini would pass with the enthusiastic strength and determination of those who were writing a chapter of Italian history, giving prestige and honor to the Caffè.

From that time, and for half a century, the café became one of the most important places in Giovinazzo.

It is a symbol of great quality in the production of homemade cakes and ice cream, as well as a landmark for spending happy hours immersed in the beauty of its historic and refined furnishings.

To enter its interior, yesterday as today, is to inebriate one’s eyes with poetry, to be enveloped in a retro atmosphere of warm colors and sinuous lines, wooden furniture and soft lighting.

A balm for the soul that flows slowly, like silk through your hands, with a slight rustle that tastes like magic.

That magic that can only be found in venues that know how to give you an out-of-time experience, as if time had stopped and was there, right in front of us, ready to be experienced in every single moment.

Today as then

Nothing has been lost, but everything has been enriched by a modern vison that at the same time knew how to preserve and enhance the history of the venue, with its furnishings and atmosphere.

The Golden Spider as we know it today was born in the 1950s, and it was 1981 when the Marzella family took over the restaurant.

Step by step, as you walk through vintage tables and cloth armchairs, you will get to know Cesare and Raffaele, the two brothers who run the restaurant and who, together with their parents, inherited the passion and love for this place, bringing innovation and prestige.

Under new management by the Marzella family, the café is evolving, looking to the future while holding hands with the past.

Inside was born the Ragno d’Oro bistro, with international and exclusive food and wine offerings amid 19th-century chandeliers and a huge fine wood counter.

But the dream doesn't end there

The traditional cafeteria has been joined by fine selections of the finest spirits, wines and champagnes from around the world.

More than 350 wine labels and more than 700 types of spirits on tap, with a collection of fine rums and whiskies.

A combination of flavors and fragrances for palates around the world.
And the whole world thanks, wanting to be there, giving the smiles of the many tourists all year round, along with visits from Hollywood singers, actors and actresses, politicians, businessmen and celebrities.

An affection that Caesar and Raphael, together with their family, return with the same dedication and passion as their predecessors, giving those who enter a bit of that magic called the Golden Spider.


Ragno d’Oro Cafe for over 150 years has presented itself to the public as a place with a unique design and distinctive atmosphere, able to offer an assortment of wines, whiskies and rums that exceeds 650 bottles.

The restaurant’s experience accompanies customers from breakfast to aperitif and on to after dinner, with a careful selection of raw materials from Slow Food presidia.

Today, Ragno d’Oro Cafe continues to write its own history and is the perfect venue for public events and private parties.