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Rossi USA
Rossi USA

US Red Wines

The Golden Spider, a selection of red wines from the U.S.

Dundee Hills Oregon Volcanique ‘ J.Christopher ‘
€ 70

( 100% Pinot nero ,14% vol )

Pinot Nero California Heritage Reserve - de loach
€ 30

( 100% Pinot nero ,13.5% vol )

Beringer founders estate - Beringer vineyards
€ 24

(Merlot 100%, alc. 13%, Napa Valley)

Sonoma County Zinfandel - Decoy
€ 45

(Zinfandel 83%, Petit Sirah 17%, alc. 14,1%, Sonoma County)

Napa Valley Merlot - Duckhorn Vineyards
€ 70

(Merlot 85%, Cabernet Sauvignon 12%, Cabernet Franc 2%, Petit Verdot 1%, alc. 14,5%, Napa Valley)

Sonoma County Zinfandel 2019 - Sebastiani
€ 27

(Zinfandel 76%, syrah 11%, Malbec 8%, Barbera 3%, Petit Verdot 2%, alc. 15%, Sonoma County)

Vintner ‘s Reserve Zinfandel - Kendall Jackson
€ 50

( 91% zinfandel , 9% petite syrah , 14.5 vol )

When you think of wine, it is easy for your thoughts to run easily toward European wines, but there is an important selection of U.S. red wines that is equally noteworthy!

Vines are grown in many regions of America, some even particularly fruitful, particularly in parts of the United States such as Virginia, Washington State, and California.

The Golden Spider Cafe and Bistro has selected the best U.S. red wine labels, a treat hard to find here in our Giovinazzo!

We are wine connoisseurs, we love to discover particular labels and accompany our customers in choosing the best bottle of red wine or goblet for their needs and tastes.

The U.S. is not the only unexpected place that produces delicious red wines: you’ve already gotten to know China red wines o South African red wines ?

These are two other very special selections you can find at the Golden Spider in Giovinazzo.

Discover our entire selection of red wines from around the world.